Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oil 83mg – 5ml


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This is THE PERFECT STARTER SIZE of CBD Vape Oil.  Highland Pharms brings your a 5ml bottle of our highly acclaimed CBD Vape Oil.  It has been described as being “the richest, yet smoothest vape oil”.  The 5ml of 70/30 VG/PG blend has been infused with 83mg of our Ultra Rich and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.  It is nicely flavored with a strawberry flavoring that is actually derived from REAL STRAWBERRIES.

There is nothing fake or artificial about this CBD e-juice!

All of our CBD products are infused with the same Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Hemp Oil Extract.  So, in addition to CBD, you’re also getting the other cannabinoids along with Terpenes, 400+ Phytonutrients, Vitamins and so much more.

For those who already have a spare vape oil cartridge, this is an ideal way to start, as most people want a separate cartridge for their CBD Oil.  Typically, this vape oil is used periodically throughout the day, in between one’s normal vape oil usage.  So, having an extra cartridge to switch out makes it convenient.  For those who don’t have a spare cartridge, we offer a Pre-Filled KangerTech Stainless Steel cartridge that is loaded with 1.5ml of our CBD Vape Oil and has 25mg of CBD.  You can select this as an option above.

Highland Pharms is always committed to bringing you the finest All Natural products for your well-being!


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